Sunday, May 2, 2010

Twilight on the Lake...

Late afternoons on the lake are my favorite time.  Drink in hand, I rush down the trail to catch up with our neighbors for a spin and possibly, just possibly, fresh fish for dinner! We  are still searching for the elusive striper, but as you can see, we only have one fisherman, or fisherwoman, and things didn't go well from the start...

Someone's line got caught in our cove...definitely, not a good start!

Help is on the way...sort of

and away we go...

Here's where the fish supposedly hide...mmm

Captain, Oh Captain...where's your bathing suit?!!

Phew, he does have one! I think we're done here...

No fish, but a splendid sunset!

Birds in flight

no fish here either

...or here

or here

or here, but the view is beautiful!

last chance...last dance!

Almost home....empty handed...



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