Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas At The Lake

Well, the house is finally decorated for Christmas this year and I am happy to say not a dollar was spent on new decorations.  Everything is from the garden or from Christmases past, except for the wreath and the Christmas tree that we always pick out at the Kinsley Family Farm. 

Yes, this year we are having a "new economy" Christmas and spending our dollars on presents for the children and for the family.  Nothing extravagant, just things that we know they will like and appreciate.

The mantle has been decorated with juniper branches from a tree in our yard and they actually look much better than the picture.  The wreath has fresh berries from the garden added to some fake ones I found on a box and a not so perfect bow that I made.  Definitely not my strong suit but I got tired of asking my daughter for help.  You know how that is.

I found beautiful tree ornaments at World Market, inexpensive too.  Check them out.  Homegoods has a big supply and Target, well I don't know what happened to them this year...not much excitement in their selection.  If you happen to find the gold and silver snowflakes that are hanging on my tree, grab them.  I saw them at Bergdorg Goodman in NYC for more than 3 times the price at Target.  We bought ours last year, and I think I saw them again when I checked a couple of weeks ago..  They look great on the tree.

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