Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Twitter Meetup... By @lucywestie

@snowywestie is one of my best friends on Twitter, but I had never met him in dog until this Saturday when both our moms got the brilliant idea of getting us groomed together. 

Now, who in their right mind would arrange a Westie meetup at the groomer's while we poor doggies are going through our worst nightmare, a bath and a haircut! Only The Spy and Lindaraxa, our respective moms, would think of such a horrific idea!  Frankly I'm thinking of filing a serious complaint with Mom Control...for inhumane treatment to a beloved pet!

I usually get groomed by my mom or my human sister and can usually con them into letting me take a nap while the ordeal is going on,  but this time I had no such luck.  The lady who owns the Westie salon is an experienced groomer who has been breeding and showing Westies for a long time.  I suppose she's nice for a human but, unfortunately, she knows all our tricks. She also told mom I was "a little heavy around the hips" which means mom is not falling for my cute face anymore and feeding me under the table.  She used to be such a sucker for my antics but  now she is determined to ignore me.  I heard the word diet being thrown around.  What is diet?

At least she didn't trade me in for a new model, something I was afraid she would do once she saw all the cute Westie pups that hang out at the groomer's house.  She kept looking at this little male Westie and making cute faces at him but in the end she left only with me.  Phew!  That would have been the crowning glory, a bath and a new Westie brother to boot...as if I didn't have enough to worry about!

Here are some pictures of poor Snowy and me during our Day of Rage.  I have promised to invite him to the lake soon to forget and make up for the unpleasant experience.  I hope he is still talking to me.  I'm not talking to Mom.

You Snowy?...you Lucy?

I really need to see your id,  Lucy...

Just double checking

This should be fun....

Okay, mom, time to go!

Don't leave, the best is yet to come!

Snowy won the coin toss, phew! Maybe I can sneak out without anyone noticing...

Want to see my best get out of jail trick?

Westie Wave!

Boring...we've seen better con artists!

Mom, I'm feeling faint...really

Oh jeeeze, not the paws!

You're pulling my hair!

Hang in there Luce, it'll be over before you know it!

Meanwhile, Norwich terrier gets a new family!

Meet the parents!

My worst nightmare...a new brother!

...while I'm going through hell!

I need two aspirin and a nap!

Since last Saturday I have been sleeping and thinking of nothing but revenge.  I learned a valuable lesson which almost cost me my life...moms are definitely not to be trusted!

Yours truly
Lucy Westie

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  1. OMD! I'll come save you! When we all meet up I promise there will be no grooming! You sure look nice though. I think it's almost nice enough for a lake day! Hope we can play soon!
    Your pal,
    Cosmo Havanese

  2. Dear Lucy,
    We feel your pain! Our mom is taking us for our "Day of Torture" on Friday. And, if that's not enough, we have to get our official Pet Portrait made, after that. When will this insanity ever end? All we want to do is run on the beach and roll around in all those lovely dead catish.
    Love, Cowboy and Cupcake

    p.s.- our daddy said "just say NO to bows"!

  3. Ahh Lucy....
    You look so cute now.
    I think it hurts your mom more than you.
    Grumpy (our cat who thinks he is a dog)say you look very nice after your hair is done.
    So poor you...sometimes it must be done.
    It take a while now before you must go again.
    In the meantime...Enjoy the day
    Take care.

  4. Thank you for your support anipals and human pals, it isn't easy being a Westie!

  5. Lucy and Mom: But it was worth it! oh so very good looking. And now, you're all set to go down to the lake and get nice and dirty again!!! Thanks for the post Mom...

  6. Ah Lucy, Grace feels the same about becoming more beautiful. You both are the most beautiful Westies this side of the Mississippi.

    Grece's mom

  7. OMD you had her trained and another Human ruined it. My advice go on cute strike. Also I have been on diet,its bad very bad 4 letter word. It means they starve you. Your super model skinny. Just Fur n Bones like me.



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