Monday, May 21, 2012


If I hadn't overslept this morning I wouldn't have caught this little devil, the culprit of the bare patches in my front lawn.  I have been wondering for days now why these patches keep getting bigger in spite of all the money I'm spending on getting the lawn weed free.  Well, it turns out that Mr. Bunny has set camp inside the bushes that surround the cherry trees, just a couple of hops from the grass.  And he doesn't just pick here and there, he grabs huge chunks!

Look at that chunk!

In the meantime, the squirrels were continuing their feast under my neighbors's oak trees!

....and I am standing in the front door, in my nightgown, taking pictures and shoooing a rabbit.

Of course, none of this would happen if I were allowed to patrol the front yard....


  1. Just adorable, but they can do some damage. Better let the Sou chef out there to chase it. These little darlings are the reason our potager has chicken wire around all the beds.

  2. Yes but chicken wire around the front yard??? we'd be throw out of the neighborhood!

    He is cute, though, and didn't even budge when I came out. Had to shoo him with a broom!

  3. We have one too: call him "Jacko" for Jack Rabbit. And oh he is adorable. We talk to him all the time... but I also have wire around my new sunflower seeds and am hoping that will do the trick. so far so good. Ours also loves coreopsis (only brand new, young shoots!). But grass? hmmm. don't think ours is into that. I have a Rabbit spray that works well and smells like peppermint: do you want the name?

  4. Libby,

    yes...pronto! although I don't know how Im going to spray all my lawn. Did you see the chunk of grass in his mouth? and did you see the holes on the grass? very cute but I could kill him!



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