Monday, November 15, 2010

Decorating With White China...Thanksgiving

If I could only have one set of china it would be white.  Why? it goes with everything and you can dress it up or down as the mood fits you.

My everyday set and the one I have been using for the last ten years, is from Pottery Barn and luckily, my daughter has the same pattern and we can borrow from each other as the need arises.  Between the two of us we have dinner and dessert plates for 24 and soup bowls and bread plates for 16.  I don't bother with cups and saucers since, when I am entertaining,  I serve espresso and have a  white demitasse set which goes with everything.

Pottery Barn

Now, one of the reasons I usually get extras from places like Pottery Barn is they tend to discontinue a lot of their things including some of their best selling china!  My pattern, (and Carolyne Roehm's),  has been discontinued, but is similar to the one above except it is a purer white.  I find off white to be a little difficult to work with.

This year I am in a mellow mood for Thanksgiving and a little tired of orange and red. I'm gravitating towards the whites and tans, and brown, with maybe an accent of color here and there. Look at the following ideas.  Love the simplicity.

A Taste Of Home

House & Garden TV

Everything Fabulous

Martha Stewart

House & Garden TV

And, if you must...a little color!


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