Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tweetup At The Park


We are four dogs from the Atlanta area who met on Twitter and have been virtual friends for a long time.  Aside from lots of laughs and much comic relief for our Moms, we provide a valuable service to other dogs in the area by alerting them of upcoming storms and potential boomers in plenty of time to hide in the closet or under the bed.  Boomers can be fatal to a doggies heart.

.  There are two westies in the group, @Snowywestie and myself @Lucywestie, a Havanese named Cosmo who's also a star agility dog, and a lab that goes by the handle @Willowwiggles.  Yesterday we met for the first time, in dog, at the Beneful Dog Park in John's Creek, Georgia.

The dog park was donated by Beneful after two area residents won the design contest for a dream dog park in their area.
  Unfortunately, our Moms had to come too as we dogs, like women in the Middle East, are not allowed to drive! But we are conciously working to elect some anipals to Congress and change the stupid law.  If I hear correctly, they are a bunch of sleazy dogs anyway, or so says my Mom.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!.

The entrance to the Park

Moms and doggiepals meeting each other

Thats @snowywestie, always checking IDs. He longs to be a Navy SEAL dog!

Two big poodles having a good time

@CosmoHavanese in the shade

I wish he'd go back to the shade

Let me tell you all the bad things I've heard about him

@willowwiggles waiting for action

Moms casing the joint

Dogs casing the joint

@CosmoHavanese back in the shade

It's too hot for games, Mom. Besides you forgot the treats!

Jeeze, it took them forever to organize themselves for a group photo (notice Snowy still trying to check IDs) the shade! no less. Lily @ WillowWiggles are the black spots on the right

We finally got the Cuban dog and my Cuban Mom to get out in the sun.

Hasta la vista, Baby!


  1. I am so proud of my lovely twitter furiends. I wish I could be there as well. Congrats to Beneful to this wonderful Dog Park. Thanks for sharing with us, Woof-Woof!

  2. We had a blast at out tweet meetup! Can't wait for next one!

  3. Love it love it love it! What a wonderful time...Glad to meet SnowyWestie too: heard so much about him. Lucy: we can't WAIT to meet you in a few weeks!!!

  4. BE, you'vve got to come, soon!

    @snowywestie, ys but you've got to stop checking ID's. Amipals r going to start feeling homophobic,,,whatever that means!

    Aunt Libby, when u come I promise to cuddle in bed like last time. that's what we Westies r good for, among other things!



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