Sunday, June 12, 2011

Watch Out For Strange Visitors In this Dry Spell

First a baby snake in my flower garden next to the front door. Today, a black widow spider traipsing across the carpet in my bedroom of all places! yes these two have been my most recent visitors all within two days.

I don't think this is a coincidence... as my Twitter friend @snowywestie suggested I think they are coming in looking for water.  After all, it has been most dry here in Georgia and the heat, well, the heat is another thing.  Upper nineties for the last two weeks.  And I moved here from Florida...

We have fumigated the bedroom and I'm trying hard to keep my Westie from getting under the bed.  First thing tomorrow I am calling an exterminator.  When I stepped on that black spider, a sac separated from her body and out came all these little babies.  Tons of them!  We sprayed and vacuum but I am sure one or two must have gotten away.  OMG the thought of those little things growing up to be big spiders, all under my bed!

I have looked at several pictures and the one on top is the one that most closely ressembles.  It was black, although I didn't see any red marks (who had the time!), the body about an inch and the legs 2 to 3 inches.  That thing was big!!!

Tell me, have you seen any spiders lately inside your house?  Any suggestions?


  1. Hi there!

    We're on the NE side of Atlanta and we've seen a few black widows... One in our garage and a few on the bottom side of window boxes mounted along a stone wall. They seem to like the slightly damp, yet small, protected areas. We religiously kill every black widow spider we see. And, this seems to be working. We haven't seen a single one in over a year.

    Normally, we leave spiders alone. They're good for the garden... but, these are scary.

  2. Michelle,

    Yes, I've seen them in the garage and usually leave them alone; but my bedroom?! I've been in this house for two years and have marvelled at the lack of bugs but this year had been a killer, I guess it's the heat. thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh my goodness..I just read this! Have you seen any more? Did the exterminator come? Oh how very awful...I don't think....we've had any, but now I'm going to be on the lookout!



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