Sunday, July 18, 2010

A New Island, A Beautiful Sunset And Picnic Paella For Dinner!

Warning: If you don't enjoy pictures of beautiful sunsets, food or mischievous Westies, this post may be detrimental to your health!

I hear we are headed to a new island...

I bet they expect me to swim and show off

It's tough being cute

Land ahoy!

Land ahoy, but there's people in our island... bummer

New settlers or just exploring...

I can scare them off

134 feet? no problem, I can swim over... piece of cake!

Coast clear

Look Lucy, there's all that red clay you love to play in!

...and a fire pit

Just marking in case they can't find it at night... they'll thank me later!


Anchor safely in place

Anyone for a swim?

paws still touching

Hey, I need to come up

I'm not dirty, seriously

 Vodka on the rocks with a twist, plueeze!

My tongue is clean

Mine too!

Why do you say I have dirty paws?!!

Don't make me beg....

Just a slice of Brie, then...

I'm telling on her..Mom will get this straightened out

She's a sucker for a cute face

Wait til you hear what just happened, Mom

I love you so, Mommy...

I knew you'd understand

We must have these talks more often...

Not talking to you

Dinner is ready!

Guest arriving!

Moonlight at the Oasis...

That's all folks! ...later!

The recipe for the cold picnic paella is over at Lindaraxa's Garden!

All pictures by Lindaraxa


  1. Oh no!!!!! I can't stand it. Julieta: that is THE cutest series. OMG. Wish I could have come out there this weekend. Have to go tell my family to look at this. Thanks!!!!!
    Lucy: I'm so glad you're really swimming now: only way to stay cool!

  2. You can tell I have lots of time on my hands!

  3. Lucy! Four paws up... *writing this on my back*... you are so awesome! Nominee for best actress in a foreign film next year at Cannes! You can swim to get your award! Nosetaps!! SnowyWestie

  4. Ah Snowie...u think? Cannes! Mon Dieu! bet the spy & Mom would like to join us!

  5. LOL - it may be tough being cute, but some people seem to manage it quite effortlessly!!

    Beautiful pictures, and I love the captions - much, much more, please :-)



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