Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reprise...Christmas At The Lake

For those of you who are spending Christmas at the lake or at one of your vacation homes lucky you!  I've put together and easy but appropriate menu to be enjoyed by many or just a few.  Let's face it, we want to enjoy our time away from the stress of our everyday lives, so why put an elaborate and complicated meal on the agenda. 

You can make these simple hors d'oeuvres ahead to bring with you or simply get some smoked salmon just like I did for the menu on Lindaraxa's Garden.  For those so inclined, there is nothing like popovers to delight everyone at the table.  They can be made while the tenderloin is resting. The cake takes a little effort but not as much as you think. You can make the layers the day before and the frosting early that day; or switch to the Mocha Cake which is a cinch.

So have fun instead and enjoy yourself.  Don't forget to think about what this holiday is all about.  We have many blessings to be thankful for.

Christmas At The Lake

What's stress????


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