Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cocktails On The Lake

A new tradition started this weekend with our neighbors and friends, my daughter and me...  cocktails on the lake at the end of the day.  I am so thrilled to me invited, they are all half my age!  Some of us get there early, fish for awhile and then come back to the dock to pick up the stragglers...or should I say, those who still work for a living.  My poor daughter has a long drive home and she's usually the last one to arrive, but what a great way to unwind!

I'm still recovering from last night so I didn't go back out today. I don't think I can handle this every evening, or every weekend for that matter...these kids can drink! Sometimes I forget I can't do the things I used to twenty years ago, but I'm still willing to try.  It's so much fun to be out with the young!

Leaving our cove

L'Heure Bleu, my favorite time of the day!

Here come the neighbors !

First customers

Wonder what they have for snacks...

Uhm, Cheetos, my favorite!

My new young friend!

Hey, it's getting late, kids must be getting hungry!

Nice people, let's come back tomorrow!

Happy Easter, y'all!


  1. What fun! Perfect way to end the day. We do the same thing at our beach house!

  2. I don't even drink and I would love that. I can have a Diet Coke anywhere!

  3. You look SO elegant! What a really delightful thing to do, and the lake looks just beautiful. Can't wait to join you soon.....

  4. Come on down, cocktails start at 6.00!



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