Sunday, April 25, 2010

Late Spring at the Lake

Last week I hurried to get everything on the ground, including herbs and flowers.  This year everything is red.  I find combining the herbs with the flowers makes a pretty display on the deck.  The path down to the dock is a beautiful sight, quite different from just a couple of weeks ago.

Trying to grow mint on a pot, let's see what happens...

lemon balm

cilantro and thai basil

oregano back from last year!

chives, rosemary and basil


tarragon and parsley

the path to the lake

Lucy's favorite stop, the ferns!

my new toy, Pawley's Island swing!

wild flowers, sort of...

beautiful sky, no?

I'm from Florida!...just visiting.....

1 comment:

  1. oh wow! sure looks different from my last visit! I'm sure Lucy is loving all the good smells on the ground now... I want to come and sit in that swing. yes, even here spring has finally arrived!



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