Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Days at the Lake, Bat Houses and All!

If this is just Spring, I can't imagine what summer is going to be like! The only downside to living at the lake as far as I'm concerned is the fact you are always on vacation mode, no chance of working for a living here.

I can't believe just two weeks ago we had snow on the ground. The beginning of the week was terribly hot, a preview of things to come I'm sure;  but then two days ago the weather changed again and the days have been in the low seventies and 50's at night. Ideal temperature as far as I'm concerned.

The babies are out of the nursery and we are having big fights as to where to place the tubs. My daughter, the agrarian engineer, wants them in front of the house for maximum sun. I, or course, care more about looks and want those ugly pots relegated to the back of the house, were there is plenty of sun and at least, they are out of sight. Let's see who wins this one. I'm going to have to start on the old Cuban guilt trip. We'll see if I still have my touch!  OH, and we got the bat houses up!  Have you ever heard of those things?  I don't want to know anything about them, not a word. 

Bat house going up to keep bugs at bay, or so I'm told..yuck!

A new dock for our neighbor

Lucy keeping tabs on the bat houses!

Mary Alice Park

Picnics are just around the corner

Ready for the ugly blue tubs!

Our tomatoes

The ugly blue tubs!

Our dock this weekend

Look at that sky!

I haven't seen a dogwood in almost 15 years!

Sometimes I feel I live in Little Red Riding Hood's house in the woods!

I have a 30 day free subscription to Adobe's Lightroom and now I don't know how to remove that stupid sign.  Great app but I hate to read directions.  Next time I'll try to be more professional!


  1. Yes, I think you ought to win the tub argument, whatever tactics you apply. The lake looks enchanting, and bats do a useful job consuming insects.

  2. Aren't we SO happy that Spring has finally sprung! I thought it would never come!

  3. Your pictures are always amazing!



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