Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Father's Day Picnic On The Lake

If you want to give Dad a real break, why not pack up a hearty picnic and go somewhere for the day.  If you are not blessed with a lake, a pool, or the seashore, go camping (if he's athletic) or just pick out a site, lay out a tablecloth and hang up the hammock.  Then again, maybe he's just the type who enjoys staying at home this year and watching the soccer match.  Whatever.  Save the grill for another day and let him enjoy his day.

It is unbearably hot here in Georgia, with temperatures in the 90's.  There is nothing more cooling and refreshing than this cucumber soup so bring it along, particularly if you are going to be outside.

You can make all this the day before and pack it up that morning.

No Fuss Father's Day Menu


*If you really don't want to work, the smoked pulled pork from Kirkland at Costco is terrific.  No kidding, I passed it off as home made just the other day and nobody noticed, sshhh!  It is that good.  Do make your own sauce, that's a must!

You can find this year's Father's Day menu at Lindaraxa's Garden by clicking here

Photo: Julieta Cadenas

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