Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day on the Lake...Dogs Ahoy!

Memorial Day is all about, family, friends, barbecues and a show of support and remembrance for those who have defended our country so well in the past.

This year at the lake, it was all about family, dogs, and a little Westie who finally went in the water!!!

First dog in!

Brother and sister...the biggest (Mac) and the runt (our Lily)

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Oh dear, I feel sooo left out!

Human sister and human niece

Come on, Lucy!

Come on Luce, you can do it!

Schucks! (I can do it, I can do it...can I do it?)

I'm in!! I feel like Columbus...

How did I get here?!

This isn't so bad...wait til Snowy sees this!

You're next, Mom!

Westies are not water dogs.  They are dirt dogs. They love to dig, go into holes and chase anything that moves fast, especially cats and squirrels.  They are also very, very stubborn.  When they want something, they will wear you down.  I have yet to win an argument with Lucy.  When I think I have and the case is closed, she will come back for more and fight another day.  

Westies are not meant to be swimmers, their little legs are not built for the water.  The beach is fine, they can touch the sand and they have control of going in and out.  The lake and the pool are a different story. .. they feel lost and out of control.  Lucy has a life jacket, but she knows what it's for and refuses to put it on.  The poor thing suffers when she sees her sister Lily go in the water and play for hours on end chasing her toy.  She wants so desperately to go in, but in the end, terror wins over fun.  The only way she will come close to the water is in the kayak and that takes some prodding too. 

This weekend's activities were too much for her to resist and we finally talked her into making the jump...into the kayak that is.  After the pictures were taken, she couldn't wait to get out and watch from afar..Perhaps with time and exposure she will go in on her own.    We will try that life jacket again, very soon...when she let's us.


  1. Well, I guess we had a strange Westie...she absolutely loved the water! Of all kinds, no matter how deep, or cold, or dirty. She jumped in off the dock in Maine to very deep water, went under, surfaced and had a great time! We were the ones who were worried!
    Love these pictures though, and I'm glad she finally went out with Christy!

  2. You had a strange westie. Most of her Twitter westie & scottie friends are also scared or so I hear. She does fine on the beach where her little legs can touch but not here!

  3. darling, oh the temptations of peer pressure. glad you had a great weekend!

  4. LA She's never budged before, guess this time it was too much for her. Came back to the house, got under my bed and we didn't see her for the rest of the day!

  5. Lucy! I am so proud of you! Not me... Never ever ever! Love you at the helm of the ship! Nosetaps! SnowyWestie

  6. Your Westie is adorable. I bet my Cocker Spaniel would love jumping from your dock. My 5 pound long hair chihuahua not so much LOL.

  7. Thank you, Snowy, I'll pass it along...she's under the bed, recovering!



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