Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Visit to Cocktail Cove... With the Family!

A nice quiet island.....all to ourselves!
This past Sunday, while my brother, sister in law and their two labs were visiting, we went on a picnic to yet another small island on the lake.  It was quiet and lovely and we spent a couple of hours swimming and having lunch.  On the way back, we decided to stop and show my brother Cocktail Cove...bad move. 

Cocktail Cove is one of those places where young people and, unfortunately, some old ones, gather to swim, drink and have fun.  Typically,  it can get rowdy, loud and, sometimes, out of control.  All in all, from what I hear, it is harmless but it is definitely not my cup of tea by any stretch of the imagination.  It used to be on a pretty cove but now it has moved elsewhere to what I think is a honky tonk part of the lake with water slides and the like and it's just plain tacky.  When our friends suggested we swing by to show my brother, I agreed, only to regret it immediately on arrival.  To boot, we couldn't let the dogs out to swim and you know who went ballistic.

Cocktail Cove is only for the young at heart, and those who have very nice bodies! 

Me first!..  No, me first!

I won!

...and I'm all tangled up!

I'm done, where's my towel?!

....and I'm still tangled up!

Yo! why am I here and you there?!

Now I'm really tangled up!

 Trick is getting into the little raft

Told you, there I am with my sister (see me?) 

And we are back in the shade...we are non swimming labs!

Hey pool guy, how about another beer over here!

Whoa! what was that...thunder?!

I'm outta here!

Better check up on Mom and lunch...

Need any help Mommy, dearest?

Hey, how about another round!

Cocktail Cove

 Topless you said?

Hey Mom, I don't think Cocktail Cove is for us puppies!

Still waiting...

What a dump!

Hey Mom, where are my shades and my lunch ?!

Bye everybody, we're off to a dog friendly cove!

Bye, Cocktail Cove...don't think we'll see you any time soon!


  1. oh so sweet, SO SWEET. But, yes, not the kind of place for you all!

  2. This is such a cute post! Your Westie is adorable---and so articulate!

  3. Tracy

    She doesn't need to talk..she is so expressive it's an easy task!

  4. Great post! Our dog loves to ride in the boat but will not get in the water. All you have to say is "Boat Ride" and she is out the door and heading down the steps to the dock. I swear she talks in her own way too.



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