Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Early Fall

It's early Fall at the lake and we've changed the decor, as you can see. We've been getting lots more rain since the deluge a couple of weeks ago and the lake is now up 15 feet from last year. Christy saw a big pike (she thinks...) a couple of days ago while she was out on her kayak and I hear lots of different birds out on the yard. Must get a bird book so I know what we are looking at.

We went to a tag sale this past weekend and bought a brand new bookshelf for $25! Since she's taken over my bookshelves, its nice to know I now have room for less than a quarter of my books. The racks are up in the Dry Room (that's where we are supposed to go in case of a tornado) and it will be cozy in there with the two dogs, the cat and my seven sets of china. Oh, ah, and we finally hit Cumming, which has the biggest post office next to probably Washington D. C. Way to go Cumming, who says the Post Office is bankrupt!

The fireplace has been humming along the past two nights. It's been cold here in north Georgia, yesterday's high in the 50's. Can't complain, rather have that than the sweltering 90's in South Florida. Later...

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