Monday, October 19, 2009

An Easy and Inexpensive Fall Dinner

I don't understand why so many people, particularly young couples, are going out to dinner nowadays when there are so many things you can cook at home that are not that much trouble. You don't even have to get fancy, just a simple straightforward menu will be more appreciated if cooked at home than a fancy one served at a restaurant.

Today, home cooking has gone the way of the dinossaur, with more and more people eating out and wondering why they are getting fat! Here is a simple and cozy menu for four for a casual Saturday or Sunday night. Lay out some antipasti (sliced salami, cheese, marinated olives, crackers)to start with, a couple of bottles of red wine and crusty french bread to accompany the meal. That's it! Invite your best friends over to watch the game and then feed them some comfort food ...they will be eternally grateful!

You can make the baked apples and assemble the casserole that morning and cook the London Broil at the last minute. You could also cook it before they arrive and serve at room temperature. Whichever way you do it its quick, easy and cheap!

Serves 4-6

Kentucky Beer Cheese
London Broil
Zucchini and Tomato Gratin
Baked Apples

Most of these recipes are in Lindaraxa's Garden, the main recipe blog.  Just click on them and it will take you there.

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