Monday, March 8, 2010

At long last...A hint of Spring on the lake!!

We have new boats on the cove

I can't wait to start complaining about the's been such a miserable Fall and Winter here at the lake that any hint of Spring will be met with joyous abandon! I haven't seen this much rain and flodding since , well, The Flood. Granted, the two snow days we had were a gift, as you have seen in previous posts, but most of February has been frigid for this part of the country with 20's 30's and occasional 40's, if only for a couple of hours.  All the excitement about wearing cashmere again and lighting a fireplace has worn off and all I look forward to now is T-shirts and shorts and my beloved Mexican dresses!.

Look at this photo and the one in the header, same spot!

Kayak is ready to go...and so is Lucy

Last Saturday was glorious and I went out on the lake with our next door neighbors who have a boat.  I took the most spectacular photos of the lake, the islands, Cocktail Cove, my feet, their feet you name it, except..there was no card inside the camera.  yep, you heard it & I cant find anything about an internal memory although with the price tag of this camera it should have a think tank attached! So, until I'm invited again, or we have another glorious day, you'll have to make do with today's pictures when the mercury reached 70 degrees.  Welcome Spring!

Gotta go...Here comes my ride!!!!


  1. Yes! I know about the memory card thing: except my camera tells me there is none there when I turn it on.... see my last post for this! Oh how awful for you though.
    Spring! Yup, can't wait to complain about the heat... and wear flip flops and dresses.
    Finished painting the living room this weekend; final touches to the house!

  2. I spent all of sunday in a blue funk over those photos! they were fabulous...what a day. Oh well, another lesson learned, but boy are these lessons getting expensive!

  3. Dear Julieta,
    I have already discovered your great two cooking blogs, they are wonderful. You have one new follower!
    Hugs from Tenerife!

  4. Love your new header! I'm with you--shorts and flip flops, all summer long!

    Can you plug your camera into the computer and pull up the pictures from the internal memory that way?

  5. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me such nice comments. Glad you like them.

  6. Tracy, i've already done that and nada...its a Canon Rebel, quite an expensive model and you would think it would have an internal memory. I'm going to try again, one more time..(everybody tells me the same thing since I've told the world) and if they are there I will come over & give you a big hug!I'm so glad you like the header, couldn't bear to look at snow with the great weather we had yesterday...& yes I'm wearing a t-shirt today, though the flip flops can't be found. Glad to hear someone notices these things!



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