Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Easter Lunch At The Lake

Image Williams Sonoma

One of the first menus I posted when I started the blog was the Easter Lunch I make every year, no matter where I am. Since most of you have never seen it, here it is, with a few additions:

To me, Easter is all about deviled eggs,baked ham, asparagus or new baby peas, strawberries and coconut cake. With that in mind, here is what I am going to make this year. The menu is for 12 people

Easter Lunch Menu

Asparagus or Petite Peas with Onion
Strawberry Salad Glace
Home Biscuits


  1. Linda, this sounds divine! I'm not making Easter lunch this year, but this menu has inspired me to make a Sunday lunch for my family the week after. All my favorite things! I always have to tell you how much I enjoy your posts.

  2. Julieta you are amazing... and where is that beautiful lake? Ga..Lake Lenier by any chance?
    enjoy. We are going to Ct. to visit my 92 year old mother, so we are going out to Lydia's new restaurant in Porchester...Happy Easter!

  3. Rita, Thank you!scroll down and on the left you'll see where I am. It's a beautiful lake and big enough for all sorts of activities like kayaking, fishing, rowing, sailing etc. Please come back and leave lots of wonderful comments.

    Tracy, thank you. these are all my favorite things also and the menu I make every year...why mess around with perfection, right?



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