Monday, February 8, 2010

Do Dogs get Cabin Fever Too?

Ever since I got here last September, the rain hasn't stopped.  My lawn is like a swamp.  My daughter bought me some of those ugly but very practical rubber shoes and I wear them every afternoon to walk the dogs.  This past weekend, there was a major snowstorm to the north of us which dumped almost three feet of snow in  the nation's capital.  We got rain, always rain.  By Sunday, all of us had cabin fever so we took the dogs out for a run in a park nearby which faces the lake.  It was also a great time to try out the new camera. Lily, the lab, has no idea that this is winter and it's freezing outside.  She goes swimming in the lake with not a care in the world.  Lucy, my westie, is smarter.  She gets mad at Lily when she goes in the water and barks at her as if she were a mother reprimanding her child.

You coming, Mom?
Where's Lily?
Water's warm, come on in!
You silly dog, get out of the water
Silly dog....
A mother's work is never done
new camera at work
Annie Leibowitz?

Like the new haircut?
There goes 2 hrs work!
Do we have to?!
Is that the sun?

Bye park, see you next weekend!

More rain is expected tomorrow, and again on Thursday.  Perhaps instead of rubber shoes I should be thinking flippers.


  1. Camera is looking goood. What cute pictures, and labels.
    For once, we have neither snow nor rain, just cold (12 most mornings!)

  2. it sounds like The Lady & The Tramp...and the pics are goo too

  3. Silvia: Yes! I couldn't think of the name!!!



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