Saturday, February 27, 2010

R.I.P. Willow

Today we lost the smallest member of our family, our beloved cat Willow. She was only 3 years old and suffered from leukemia probably since the day she was born.

Willow had been acting strange since we returned from Nashville three days ago, hardly eating and spending most of the time cuddled up in her favorite chair (my chair) in our small office upstairs.  This morning when I went down, I found her lying on the kitchen floor, something very unusual for her as she usually drove me crazy until I opened the door to the garage where her litter box is and where she was fed.  My daughter took her to the vet at noon and the news was not good.  She had water in her lungs and she was having a hard time breathing as well as other things, probably as a result of her leukemia. The vet and my daughter both agreed that it was best to put her down and that was what we did.  We buried her this afternoon in the woods between our house and the lake.

Willow came into my daughter's life three years ago, a stray that she fed for awhile until an ice storm hit Atlanta one night and Willow meowed herself into the house. She was the best cat I have ever met.

She will be missed by her Westie sister, Lucy, who loved to chase her around the house and by her Lab sister, Lily who adored her since the day she arrived. She will also be missed by her mother and me, her grandmother, who in spite of the fact she doesn't like cats, fed her every night.

You were a good cat, Willow and we will miss you very much.

New yard

That is the most beautiful bird I've ever seen

An armistice...of sorts.

You come one inch closer......

I wonder how long this detente is going to last...

Stop following me!

What do you see, Luce?

Hard Day's Night

There are no words to describe this

Good night, little angel...


  1. So sorry for the death of your cat Julieta. I know how animals are a wonderful part of the family and what a huge loss it is when they are gone, Blessings on your kitty's soul in Kitty afterlife, may she find lots of mice and may you always remember the love you shared.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you, so much...we will miss her.

  3. Willow was certainly a beauty! I am sorry for your family's loss. How fortunate we are that we can experience so much love and affection from our pets - and how sad it is when we have to say goodbye to them, but I would not have it any other way, I suppose.

  4. North of 25A
    Thank you for your kind message. How very true...

  5. She looks as though she was a Siamese cat, which is a wonderful breed, showing more "dog like" traits. Whatever provenance, I'm sorry for your loss. I used to keep cats, but no pets allowed in our condo, and that makes sense with the restrictions that come in this environment.

    Thanks for visitig my blog.



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