Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Bear in the Woods!

I never read the local newspaper that is religiously dropped in our driveway every afternoon;  but a couple of days ago, I picked up our copy of the Forsyth News and there it was...front and center.  "Bear sighted on the Lake".  Apparently this big fellow has been sighted pretty close to where we live.  Since December 31st, he has been spotted in a neighbor's backyard ransacking the bird feeders.  Having two dogs which are pretty adventurous, I am a bit concerned, particularly since our neighbors next door have at least 3 bird feeders on their property.  Camera is on hand in the kitchen awaiting  a photo of this magnificent creature, but to date, no takers.  So far this month, my daughter has seen a fox, a raccoons, a coyote which she later found dead in the lake and buried, and now a bear. which neither one of us has seen.  Not bad for a month's work.  I've yet to see anything.. ..

Three down, one bear to go...

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